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Babe Commemorate 22 Years

Over two decades ago, Babe vintage inspired collection was launched combining artisanal craftsmanship with forgotten traditional handcrafted techniques to create a brand of contemporary luxury accessories.

Famed for our ornate botanical brooches, each season Babe features acclaimed new flora designs.  Babe latest flower this season is the Buttercup, a flower symbolizing innocence and charm.  Crystals used in our designs are handset by artisans. Many of our past creations have now become collector’s items, treasured as modern heirlooms and found in vintage stores. Camellia brooch created over a decade ago and reinterpreted in numerous new combinations of colors and materials each season ... has remained a perennial favorite worldwide. Our mini bag collection makes a return with styles reminiscent from bygone eras.





22年前,充滿復古色彩的設計元素與一絲不苟的卓越工藝來了一次破天荒的邂逅,再結合跡近失傳的手製技巧;由此誕生的不僅是個古意盎然的設計系列,更是個在懷舊之餘又不忘時尚,同時又饒富華美氣派的配飾品牌 - Babe。