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Sparkle Like A Full Moon

According to history, the Mid-Autumn Festival dates back over 3,000 years. It originated from the custom of worshipping the moon during the Zhou Dynasty (1046 - 256 BC) to celebrate the arrival of Fall.  Step into Autumn and dazzle in our new Zinnia brooch in gold.  Now available exclusively online in assorted colors:

據歷史記載,中秋節距今已有3000多年的歷史。 它起源於周朝(公元前1046-256年)祭月以慶祝秋天的到來的習俗。 這個秋天,我們的新款百日草金色花朵胸針讓我們眼花繚亂。 現在獨家在線提供各種顏色: