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Daffodils Are In Vogue

Every flower has its own meaning.  According to legend, Daffodil symbolizes spring and new beginning.  Why not celebrate the new season with a unique accessory to dress up your wardrobe that will provide timeless enjoyment?  For over 20 years, Babe has been a purveyor of luxury artisanal accessories.  Preview our latest selection of Daffodil brooches in crystals and in colored glass cabochons, exclusive to our online shop:  Add your email contact for the latest news and promotion from Babe.  Enjoy complimentary delivery worldwide. 

每朵花都有自己的象徵意義。 據傳說,水仙花象徵著春天和新的開始。 今年春天為什麼不選擇一件手工配飾來提升你的裝束呢? 20 多年來,Babe 一直是奢華手工配飾的創造者。 我們的網上商店獨家,預覽我們最新精選的水晶和彩色玻璃凸圓形水仙花胸針。 添加您的電子郵件聯繫人以獲取 Babe 的最新消息和促銷活動。享受全球免費送貨服務。