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Summer Romance

Summer has arrived, what better than lounge in your bikini with your favorite cocktail. Dress up for the new season in our siren earrings for a romantic look under the sun, perfect for an evening of summer romance.  Babe accessories are available in select prestige stores worldwide. Visit for exclusivities.  Complimentary global delivery.

夏天已經到了,穿著泳裝休息一下,喝上你最喜歡的雞尾酒,再好不過了。 戴上我們的美人魚耳環,為新一季裝扮,在陽光下展現浪漫風情,是夏日浪漫之夜的完美之選。 Babe 配飾在全球許多知名商店均有銷售。 點擊 了解獨家產品。 免費全球送貨。