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How Do You Attach Crystals To Jewelry?

Crystals with foil backing can be attached to jewelry with a #prong setting or a glue setting.  A prong setting features little metal claws that hold a stone in place, this is the same technique used in fine #jewelry.  Once the #crystal is set in place the claws are pushed inwards with a tool to lock it in position.  Prong settings are more labor intensive and usually denote a higher product quality.  #E6000 and #Loctite Glass Glue are popular glue for crystals as they leave a transparent finish.  Translucent crystals or glass without foil backing can only be set using a prong setting.  

Our #Babe #Peony Brooch is handcrafted by our artisan in a prong setting.  An ideal #gift for any occasion.