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Celebrate Minori-No-Aki

Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall. In the land of the rising sun, celebrate the autumn harvest festival in our Plum Blossom floral brooch inspired by Japanese flora. Available at select premium stores throughout Japan, in Kobe at Muse International boutique, www.muse-intl.jpShop exclusivities at our e-shop, guaranteed to make a fashion statement

當秋天變得清爽時,生活又重新開始。 在旭日東昇的土地上,穿著我們以日本植物為靈感的梅花胸針慶祝秋收節。 在日本各地的精選高級商店有售在科比市Muse International 精品店有售,www.muse-intl.jp在我們的網上商店購買獨家設計,保證彰顯時尚宣言


Babe Plum Blossom Brooch