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Our Bestselling Camellia Celebrates 15 Years
我們最暢銷的山茶花胸針慶祝 15 週年

Launched in Paris Fashion Week over a decade ago, our Camellia brooch remains a bestseller worldwide. Reinterpreted each season in numerous new options, each brooch is handcrafted by our artisans and destined to be treasured as collectibles. Guaranteed to create a fashion statement,

我們的山茶花胸針十多年前在巴黎時裝週推出,至今仍是全球暢銷品。 每季都有無數新選擇重新詮釋,每枚胸針均由我們的工匠手工製作,注定會成為珍貴的收藏品。 保證打造標誌性時尚造型