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Be A Star In The Crowd

In a world full of daisies dare to be a rose. Make a fashion statement with our new 2023 Fall arrivals, Babe unique sculptural bags that are works of art. Truly masterpieces crafted by our artisans and destined to be treasured. Discover at Valtadoros, in Athens and in Mykonos:

為什麼不從時尚人群中脫穎而出。 穿上我們全新 2023 年秋季 Babe 配飾,成為時尚領袖。 我們獨特的手袋是由我們的工匠精心打造的雕塑傑作,注定會被永遠珍藏。 我們的最新設計可在雅典和米科諾斯島的 Valtadoros 精品店購買