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Babe Celebrates Our 20 Years Anniversary
Babe 慶祝我們成立 20 週年

Since our debut collection in Paris two decades ago ... Babe collection of handcrafted artisanal accessories is stocked by the most prestigious retailers worldwide. Each item from our collection is meticulously produced by artisans using noble materials to create modern luxury products that are destined to be treasured for generations. Join us to preview our latest collection in the next Paris Fashion Week.

20 年前我們在巴黎首次亮相以來...... Babe 系列手工製作的手工配飾已在全球最知名的零售商處出售。我們系列中的每件單品均由工匠精心製作,使用高貴的材料打造出注定世代相傳的現代奢侈品。 加入們,在下一屆巴黎時裝週預覽我們的最新系列。