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A Treasure For Someone Special

Instead of flowers why not choose something that can be cherished as a keepsake. Camellias are beautiful blossoms, symbolizing love, affection and admiration. Our bestselling handcrafted Camellia floral brooches are now available for Spring/Summer 2022 in new metallic colors with each color having its own unique symbolism.  A perfect gift for any occasion:  Enjoy free delivery worldwide.

為什麼不選擇可以作為紀念品珍藏的東西,而不是鮮花。 山茶花是美麗的花朵,象徵著愛、親情和欽佩。 我們最暢銷的手工製作的山茶花花朵胸針現已在 2022 年春夏推出全新金屬色,每種顏色都有其獨特的象徵意義。 適合任何場合的完美禮物:。享受全球免費送貨。